Fox News Reports on Ninja Social Club

This is truly a great day.

We all search for kindred spirits in life. Some look for a loving soulmate. Others search for someone with a mutual interest in horseback riding. Some seek out those who like smelling their urine after eating asparagus.

Still others seek out kindred ninjas.

It may be time for me to take a trip to New Zealand. From Fox News:

Ninjasoc — a social club reserved exclusively for those with a penchant for parading around in black pajamas, ridding the world of evildoers — is taking Canterbury University by storm, New Zealand’s Stuff reports.

The masterminds behind the martial arts madness say their quirky club started as a joke, but quickly ballooned to include 250 members.

Plastic ninja sword-brandishing Michael Down, one of the founding four, says the club taps into people’s secret need to be ninjas.

"You always, as a young man, want to be a ninja or a pirate. I guess we just made it a club and people thought, 'That looks like fun,'" he said.

Fun indeed.

I will be contacting NinjaSoc soon, first as a supplicant begging honorary membership, but secondly as a strategic partner in the greater ninja brotherhood that is nascent in this cruel world.

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