Interview with a Fictional Ninja

A writer in the Phillipines has published this interview with a fictional ninja, created from her experience and research at the Iga Ninja Museum in Japan.

Here's some meat:

What about your mind reading skills?

During those times, people were very superstitious. Prophesy has suggestive effects and people usually act according to suggestions. We study these traditional books so we can manipulate people. We also study hypnotism.

What kind of training does a ninja undergo?

We are trained from birth to fight with hands and feet. We study the human body so that we know where to hit to paralyze or to kill. We exercise our fingers and toes everyday because it is needed for climbing walls. We take care of our health and mind by eating a balanced diet. Our memory must be above average because we are required to steal information. We remember by associating information with body parts or food. If it is a top secret information, we injure ourselves while memorizing it. We sleep without noise and with the left side down to guard the heart if someone attacks with a sword. We keep our bodies clean because body odor can also be a form of detection. Basically our whole lifestyle is dedicated to being a Ninja.

Thank you, sister in the Phillipines, for this inspired bit of writing.

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