Ninja Restaurant, with Themed Toilet

There is a restaurant in New York City called "Ninja." Apparently it is a theme restaurant that serves Japanese food with an old-school ninja ambience, replete with bamboo, dark stone, and a layout that mimics a Japanese feudal castle in which traps, mazes, and various contraptions serve to confuse the unwary intruder.

Among the highlights on the menu is a soup served in an 800 degree rock bowl. Nina Cha, who works at Ninja, describes the dish:

The rock, which is about 800 degrees Fahrenheit, is on a big tray that comes with fresh green leaves and a kettle of soy-milk soup with clam and bacon and a couple slices of wild hog. We cut the vegetables up, put the bacon in, pour the soup, and put the rock on top using tongs. You see it boiling instantly. It cooks fully after two or three minutes. They imported a special oven from Japan that goes up to 1,000 degrees.

Tasty. Dangerous. Ninjalicious?

Best of all, after you've eaten raw fish (despite common knowledge that sushi often contains parasites), you can run downstairs and drop your intestines into a ninja-style toilet, decked out with cave-like rocks and bamboo touches.

When Ninjas poop, I've heard that there is not even a sound made, and that the smell is like a sweet ether which intoxicates the enemy, leaving him unconscious and defenseless.

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