Staten Island "Ninja Burglar" Spotted Again

It's been a busy week for ninja burglars. A particular thief in Staten Island, who has struck at least 16 times, was briefly spotted yesterday by police. Despite helicopters and a quick police response, the "ninja burglar" was able to elude his would-be captors again.

From NY Daily News:

He's made off with cash, jewelry and cell phones, police said.

A special team of uniformed and plainclothes cops from the Staten Island Task Force and the 120th and 122nd precincts is hunting the brazen thief, described as a light-skinned Hispanic male, at least 6 feet tall and dressed in a black ski mask and black clothing.

Despite the obvious black-clad figure, and the stealthy escapes, this "ninja" label seems unfair. It smacks of the same night-creature-legend-making that doomed the Boogie Man.

The ends justify the means, but the means create P.R. problems. And ninjas seem to have P.R. problems.

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