Ask a Ninja Social Network Launched!

Ask a Ninja, the popular video website which features a satirical ninja talking trash, has announced they're starting a social networking site for readers who are down with them. A sort of ninja-enthusiast club. Of course we joined immediately:

Welcome, Inner Ninja! You are member #1243 of Ask A Ninja Fans

Here's my nascent homepage, from which I plan on launching multiple devastating attacks. Geek Culture, the website which today alerted me to this club, has it's doubts:
The truth is, I'm just not sure how successful a deeply focused social network like this can be. The Ask a Ninja community may be passionate and strong, but is it big enough to support a whole social-networking service? Especially when it's possible to set up focused groups on other networks?

Well, of course, we won't know the answer for a while. But I'm skeptical.

Particularly, because I wonder how members will be able to tell their friends apart when every single one of them is wearing the exact same ninja outfit.

Well, it's worth a try. I haven't had much time to fully explore the site. I am at work, of course. But apparently one can join different clans, pledge loyalty to pirates, ninjas, robots, and a host of other idols, and build online communities similar to MySpace or Facebook.

The ninja motif keeps rising! This could be hugely addictive in the alter-ego, fantasy world of the internet, especially if they add a gaming feature where individuals and clans can somehow compete with each other (or assassinate pirates).

Check it out.

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