Feminist Ninjas and Breast Molds

There is a women's coalition at George Mason University called The Feminist Ninjas. They are apparently a group which serves several purposes, according to their ninja leadership:

The group has worked together lately to sponsor Take Back the Night and Breastival. The Women’s Coalition helped put together the very first Take Back the Night, a rally protesting and taking action against rape and other forms of violence against women, on Mason’s Fairfax Campus, 19 years ago, and has continued to be involved in it. The breast mold booth that the Ninjas ran at Breastival was successful, with 16 people getting breast molds at the event and a list of at least 30 others who wanted one. The Ninjas hope to have an event offering the opportunity to get breast molds again for those unable to participate the day of Breastival.
I never knew about breast molds before, but trusty Google has helped educate me. The basic premise, as far as I can tell, is that women have plaster molds made of their breasts which are then painted or decorated to create a kind of body art. Here is an example:

While I certainly agree that breasts are aesthetically pleasing, I'm not sure how well this goes over as an artistic centerpiece in a home. I can imagine the looks (gaping-mouthed stares?) of guests, who then have a difficult time maintaining normal conversation after seeing what your breasts looks like. But it's all for a good cause I suppose. Do men have scrotum molds to benefit testicular cancer?

Nonetheless, this is another interesting incarnation of the term "Ninja." It certainly claims the underground, social revolution sense of the word. They do seem to be standing up for the downtrodden and under-represented, much as the ninja resisted the Samurai elite on behalf of the Japanese peasantry centuries ago. Even prostitutes have found friends among the Feminist Ninjas:

The Feminist Ninjas plan to host or help out with a number of other events throughout the year, from the Vagina Monologues to HIV/AIDS Awareness week. During HIV/AIDS Awareness week, the Ninjas are hoping to bring Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive onto campus. They are also teaming up with Students for a Democratic Society and Pride Alliance to bring Midge Potts, a transgendered peace activist and navy veteran of the Persian Gulf War, this upcoming week.

Well, I for one am inspired by this latest discovery of modern day ninjahood at GMU. Perhaps I'll be the first to show up wearing one of these tshirts to one of their rallies. They will probably lavish me with praise... or kick my ass.

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