Ninja Fighting in Donegal, Ireland

The Emerald Isle, usually known for the poetry of its people, the green of its countryside, and the froth of its Guinness, has recently been infiltrated by an alien cultural invader - the ninja. A very bizarre episode occurred in the town of Letterkenny, County Donegal, in which rival gangs fought it out with ninja weaponry:

Extra gardai (guards) had to be called to deal with a feud between two rival settled Traveller families in Letterkenny in which one man was stabbed and another taken to hospital on Wednesday afternoon.
The situation in which rival gangs wielded ninja-type weapons of chains and swords was only calmed upon the intervention of a local priest.
One eyewitness claimed: "There seems to have been a stand-off between the two families over the garden fence. There were all sorts of things being thrown around, stones and pots. I think one of them had a sword."

A number of weapons, among which it is believed are slash-hooks and a sword, were confiscated by gardai at the scene.
"We are also very worried that people are going around Letterkenny with ninja-type weapons. I have been talking to gardai and even they were shocked at the amount of weapons these people had in their possession." (said a guard)

"I welcome the fact, however, that many of these which included daggers, knives, chains and rapier-type swords, were confiscated after houses were searched by gardai."

According to Wikipedia, Letterkenny usually has its shit together. The town's Main Street is one of the longest in Ireland. The town was voted Best Kept Urban Centre in the 2007 Best Kept Town Awards and Tidiest Large Urban Centre in the 2007 Tidy Towns competition.

Now it can also lay claim to the title: Best Place for Irish Ninjas to Kick Each Others Asses and Go Mental in the Streets with Old School Ninja Shit.

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