101 Vengeful Tricks of the Ninja Assassin

And now, to begin a new project on this blog, we will chronicle 101 vengeful acts that can be carried out by today's ninja assassin. No longer solely dependent upon throwing stars, claws, and smoke screens, the modern ninja has adapted much more subtle and stealthy ways of undermining his enemy. These 101 Vengeful Tricks of the Ninja Assassin are just as deadly and just as damaging as a lethal chop to the neck... but utilize the superior creative intellect of the ninja.

Behold the first trick.

"Develop, patent, and widely distribute an Ass Cream named after the enemy."

I think you'll agree that the ninja assassin has gotten the best of Mr. Bill Johnson.
Stay tuned for trick #2, due any day now.


Twan said...

now that's nefariously good.

Hatori Gonzo said...

Genius. Sheer unadulterated genius. Of course, for the ninja, revenge is usually a bit more...ummm...terminal. But I love it. Love the site, btw.