The Ninja Octopus

And now, behold the second installment of the 101 Vengeful Tricks of the Ninja Assassin:

"Summon the legendary Ninja Octopus. Befriend it. Gain its respect through flattery. Tell the Ninja Octopus that it represents an evolutionary triumph, forged and perfected over billions of years in the deep seas off the Japanese coast. Then ask it nicely if it will help you in your vengeful plot against the enemy."

The ninja octopus is practically invincible. Its combination of stealthy ink, 8 throwing stars, superior intelligence, and its eminently good looks make it a totally sweet killing machine.
Respect the ninja octopus.

Wield it with extreme caution, but wear it without fear.

Perhaps you are not yet convinced. Perhaps I must convince you of the existence of the ninja octopus?


Twan said...

I believe, brother! I believe!

David Marjanović said...

The seas off the Japanese coast, i. e. the Pacific Ocean, are only about a billion years old... :-}

Stuart Wade said...

Very cool octopus.

Something about an animal with ninja stars is very unnerving!

Baba Doodlius said...

Nice video, but I was hoping for one of an octopus kicking somebody in the groin or soemthing. That would be cool.

odd facts said...

hehehe. Wow.