Toilet Paper Museum

And now, for another installment in the series of 101 vengeful acts that can be carried out by today's ninja assassin. No longer solely dependent upon throwing stars, claws, and smoke screens, the modern ninja has adapted much more subtle and stealthy ways of undermining his enemy. These 101 Vengeful Tricks of the Ninja Assassin are just as deadly and just as damaging as a lethal chop to the neck... but utilize the superior creative intellect of the ninja.

Behold the 4th trick:

Leave the enemy (in this example, Bill Johnson) $10 million dollars through a blind trust. The enemy will initially feel euphoric, perhaps quit his job in a disgraceful display of arrogance and nose-thumbing. But then stipulate that the money can only be used to establish a toilet paper museum, and that no other use shall be allowed.

Here is the only known example of this ninja trick, carried out with devastating effect:


odd facts said...


Baba Doodlius said...

Yes, feindishly clever, those ninjas. So, was this trick created by a left- or right-handed ninja?

satire and theology said...

I answered your comment, cheers.

satire and theology said...

Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I replied in somewhat extended fashion.