Auntie Kunoichi's Tasty Cookies

And now, for the 5th installment in our series entitled "101 Vengeful Tricks of the Ninja Assassin," in which the skill set of the modern ninja is revealed.

Explanation of vengeful trick:

Develop home-made cookie franchise centered around the All-American chocolate chip cookie. Come up with family-friendly brand name, such as Auntie-this, or Uncle-that. Distribute chocolate chip cookies to the enemy. Among the chocolate chips, place tiny throwing stars. OUch! Well done, vengeful ninja assassin.

1 comment:

Baba Doodlius said...

Devious! A perfect plan, worthy of the ninja elite!

I don't suppose you get the G4 channel, do you? "Ninja Warrior" is one of the best shows on TV. Right up there with "Unbeatable Banzuke".