I Teach Ninja, Not Murderer!

I was alerted to a great line in a terrible ninja movie by JoBlo.com -

Let's consider this line for a moment... I teach ninja, not murderer! It is full of righteous indignation. The cheesy guido in the polyester suit and greasy hair obviously represents the imperialistic West, trying as always to purchase the noble services of the Eastern world. Toyota. Honda. Bangkok women. And now ninjas, reduced to a commodity. Fortunately our heroic ninja master has more pride than that, hence his righteous indignation in this Oscar-worthy moment.

Or this scene could represent just a bright moment in a terrible movie. You decide.

In either case, a t-shirt is in order for this brilliance:


odd facts said...

I love cheesy movies. If it was voiced overed badly, it would be perfect!

Baba Doodlius said...

Following up thta line with a karate chop to the neck would have been even more perect. Hyah!