Spike Lee Obama Dunking on McCain T-shirt

Spike Lee was seen at the Democratic National Convention wearing a cool t-shirt portraying Obama dunking on McCain.

Check it out:

Not a bad design. But the original, more ghettofabulous version of the idea was rolled out by InnerLegend several months ago. If you're looking for comical funk that clearly demonstrates Obama giving McCain a nasty facial, I think this one's better.

Here's a time capsule from back in February 2008. Fortunately the Democrats agreed with me that Obama's ability to throw down on McCain (along with his oratorical prowess, superior vision, and uncanny judgment) make him the best option we have in this election.

2/08 - If we assume that John McCain is the next Republican presidential nominee, then the most important question for the Democrats becomes who can beat McCain?

Most head-to-head polls show Obama winning, and Hillary losing or just breaking even. Why, you might ask, does Obama poll more favorably? Some will point to his visionary style. Others will cite his oratorical prowess. All seem to embrace his notion of change.

But all this is nonsense. The real reason Obama is going to be the next president of the United States is that he can dunk on McCain.

Look at this nasty facial he's throwing down. Is there any lingering doubt? Will you please tell the rest of the world? Profits from this gear will go to Obama '08.

And as a wise man once said, "Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk." And as an astute commenter pointed out, there are secret military intelligence files on Barack's rebounding skills. But we already knew this after Super Tuesday.



Baba Doodlius said...

I'll call Spike and see if he cares to coment on his obvious copyright infringement. Your version is cooler looking anyway.

odd facts said...

"And as an astute commenter pointed out, there are secret military intelligence files on Barack's rebounding skills."

Baba Doodlius said...

No reply from Spike. I think he's too embarassed to admit he's an intellectual property thief.

MissNikiLee said...

Why is he an intellectual property thief? He doesn't claim it's his design or shirt, he bought it at the DNC! It's by a company called Undrcrwn. Don't be a hater.