How to Ward Off Pirates, Ninja-style

The Navy has a new plan to ward off the resurgence of piracy. As observed by Gizmodo.com, it sadly does not include ninjas, long known to be the mortal enemy of pirates.

From the article:

Piracy on the high seas is a growing problem, so the Navy's latest lightweight fighter, the Littoral Combat ship, has a system specially designed to knock out pirates without killing them (so it obviously don't use ninjas). The Running-Gear Entanglement System, developed by the Coast Guard, is decidedly low-tech—basically a floating net that jams up smaller boats' propellers, leaving them stranded if they breach the perimeter, and easy targets for boarding.

Unfortunately, as Jesus points out, the dangling, 40-inch nylon loops that do the ensnaring don't exactly sound animal-friendly, especially if they get tangled and twisted. Unlike ninjas, who would kill pirates, and only pirates, with absolute precision. The Navy should look in to getting some.


Baba Doodlius said...

The ship was named after Captain Craig Littoral, USN (retired). It was decided not to use his first initial in the ship name, because nobody would take the "CLittoral Ship" seriously.

Throwing star to pirate's groin for the win! Zing!

odd facts said...

Go ninjas! Boo pirates!