Neko Case wants to be a Ninja Someday

Neko Case, a phenomenal musician and vocalist, had this to say in a recent interview:

Have you ever attempted to write a track in the New Pornographer's (NPs) style? Is it easy to switch between being in charge of everything during your solo career, then, maybe a couple nights later, singing someone else’s songs explicitly in the NPs?

I don’t try and write like Carl or Dan (Bejar) — I am not them, so it would seem cheap and insincere. I do a lot of vocal arranging based on their influence, though. The new one I’m working on has lots of vocals. Switching is easy; I’m just used to it now. There are times when I play two different shows back to back. It’s challenging and very physical, but I dig it. I want to be a ninja someday….

Neko, when you read my blog someday, call me and I'll send you a free ninja T-shirt. IN the meantime I'll keep listening to your music with appreciation.

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Baba Doodlius said...

I know that this marks me as officially being old, but until one minute ago I had no idea that there was a human named "Neko Case".