River Ninjas

2 teenagers in Ottawa are being called "River Ninjas" after winning the Fly Fishing Championship:

Lennox and Wells also selected and shared the right flies from their collections of many hundreds of homemade lures to attract fish in the Diable rapids or the calm lakes.

But they also had a secret weapon that most other fisherman couldn't match -- youthful daring.

They would wade deep into the rapids. They would slip, slide and fall more often than they could count, despite felt liners on the bottom soles of their boots to help with grip and balance. The submerged rocks were all different sizes and made it difficult for manoeuvring. It also wasn't unusual to see them sprinting through the water to take their fish to the official measurer.

"We were willing to do whatever it took," Wells said. "We were soaking wet. We hurt our knees and hurt our legs.

"We were a bit crazier than most. They wanted to call us River Ninjas."

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