World Phucking Champions T-shirt

Chase Utley could run for mayor and win.

Though born in California, he became an overnight Philadelphian by blood as he brought home a world fucking championship. These t-shirts, which have been selling quite well, capture his immortal line:

"World Champions...

(or World Phucking Champions if you prefer).

There will be no trip to family-friendly Disneyworld for Chase Utley... but there will be a lifelong key to the Rocky heart of this tough town.


A writer for the Metro perhaps put it best:

With three words, Chase Utley became a Philadelphian. He uttered the unspeakable that spoke for us all. "World f-in' Champions." He said it on live TV in front of -- oh, I don't know, a billion people? -- and he said it as deliberately and magnificently as his fellow California Phillie said it. At the victory celebration in 1980 at JFK Stadium at the end of the biggest parade in this city that anyone had ever seen, Tug McGraw shouted, "New York can take this World Championship and stick it.!" And we cheered each of them immediately -- Tug and Chase -- passionately and forever. Their blood has become our blood.

Utley spoke for us all when he dropped the F bomb to describe the indescribable, a feeling that comes once in a lifetime. Twice if you chose the right century to be born. World f-in' champions. God, that feels good.

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