New Proposal for Stadiums Exit off Route 95 in Philadelphia

Unfortunately, Mayor Nutter is struggling with unpopular cuts across the board in Philadelphia's budget. His meetings have been attended by angry mobs. How can the embroiled Mayor inspire the city once again, and score some political capital?

Easy. All he needs to do is follow in the words of Chase Utley, and restore strong fucking civic pride by changing the Stadium Exit sign off Route 95. It should indicate the direction to the "World Phucking Champions."

Here's how it looks now:

With some leadership and bold vision, here's how it could look tomorrow (click to enlarge picture):

Subtle, classy, not too strident. Fucking perfect.
Please vote in the poll I've placed on the top right corner of this blog to help persuade Mayor Nutter of his folly in not addressing this point of civic pride immediately.

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