Phillies World Series 2009 - World Phucking Champions Again?

We consider the Philadelphia Phillies ninja-like. Chase Utley, after winning the World Series in 2008, got up on stage in front of a national audience and stated:

"World Champions."
The Philly audience was happy, but in restrained disbelief.
Then Utley clarified the significance of his last statement by inflecting the phrase with a local Philadelphia dialect:
"World Fucking Champions!"
The audience erupted in cheers, as suddenly their glorious victory made sense.

Will the Phillies repeat in 2009? Will there be a second World Fucking or World Phucking Championship.

It seems likely. It seems very fucking likely, especially with t-shirts popping up like the one featured here.

Philly fans, Let's Phucking Do It Again.

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