Latest Ninja in the News

This is hilarious, from the AP:

VERNON, Conn. — Vernon police said they arrested a man who was dressed as a ninja and waving nunchucks while yelling about wanting to beat up U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman. The man, 30, was charged Sunday with breach of peace. Police said he was brought to Rockville General Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and later released.

Authorities said they received several emergency calls about the man, who witnesses say was standing at the corner of Route 83 and Regan Road at about 11 a.m.

Officers said they pulled out bean bag and taser guns, and the man became polite and cooperative.

Ninja-worthy parts of this story:
~dressed in all black, presumably
~Joe Lieberman is certainly a fair target of the ninja who seeks to undermine the ruling effete elite
~ninja mental tricks were pulled to secure a swift release from the psychiatric evaluation at the hospital

Not ninja-worthy parts of the story:
~the waving of nunchucks is so Chuck Norris
~ninja shit went down at 11 AM... 11 AM? Ninjas should still be sleeping at that hour, resting for a restive night of ninja shit
~the "ninja" was subdued by a bean bag and taser gun threat. WTF!!! Unless, of course, this was all a ruse to infiltrate the police headquarters, in which case the diversion worked perfectly with a minimum of corporeal risk

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