Ninjas and coupons

The modern world allows few outlets of expression for the ninja born into the wrong century. Whereas the ninja of the classic era might be expected to stealthily prowl the night in search of adventure and mayhem in the name of justice and and class warfare, the modern person predisposed to ninjahood can only bark at the moon and drink Mountain Dew in a vain attempt to BE EXTREME!

It is a sad state of affairs for the ninja.

One possible outlet of expression might be the collection of coupons. The high prices demanded by the corporate world are a kind of neo-class warfare, pitting the fat princes of capitalism against the lean indentured servant-consumers. It is only a matter of time before revolution, and the seeds of this revolution can be found within the very conflagration built by the king. This hidden Achilles heel is the coupon code, found on certain renegade sites off the grid, with Google lending her Harriet Tubman lamp to find the way.

Search out coupons, my friends, and be one with the inner ninja you still possess.

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