Ninjas of the Occupy movement

It seems that the ninja motif has surfaced again in the popular culture, this time as a symbol of "justice and seeking the truth," according to one of the OCCUPY protesters in Eugene, Oregon.

You can see the "ninja" garb of these protesters is lacking. There is little evidence of stealth, and weaponry is limited to notions of justice and ideas with moral clarity. In their defense, to show up with the typical nunchucks and ninja throwing stars would render these protesters fair game for the skull bashing, heavy handed law enforcement types, akin to the samurai of old.

The sacred ninja will always occupy a space in the hearts and minds of those who resist, be it resistance of a capitalist system that is broken and creating a neo-feudal society of pigs and chattle, or simply a legend to lend courage to suburban heroes tired of the franchise strewn rot of zombie americana.

Don't forget to shop with coupons, ninjas always save money for the movement.

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