Ninjas given bad name Robbing Bingo Name

Some less than inspired crime has taken place in the name of the ninja, this time in Florida at a bingo game.  Three teenage fools dressed in shabby ninja costumes have been caught on film robbing a defenseless, pitiful collection of tired souls playing the mind numbing escape game of bingo.  One of the perpetrators can be seen picking a wedge between his asinine cheeks, note, not "assassin" cheeks - for these ninjas were caught and face time in jail.  Not only have they disgraced the ninja motif with unrighteous theft, they have disgraced themselves in the way antisocial zombie like hoods do robbing old ladies, the infirm, and the crippled among us.

Of course any self respecting ninja would reject this type of behavior as immoral and sad.  Another reason I am glad to not live in Florida, land of fire ants, humidity, borrowed geologic time as the ice sheets melt, and fraudulent elections that change the course of history for the much, much worse.  Is it any doubt that Jeb Bush chose to locate his insincere, personal aggrandizing enterprise here?

Catch the video of these costume wearing children behaving badly.

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