Dodging Zombies on the Commute to Work

This post does not involve ninjas in a direct way, but rather alludes to the requisite patience and self control possessed by the ninja, in contrast to the plodding, savage, mindless pursuit of these f-ing zombies we share the roads with.

Each and every day on the way to and from work we are confronted by maniacal zombies behind aggressive, flesh eating wheels of Toyota SUV's, Chevy Red Sedans, and sad looking imports that have dressed up like the American Soccer mom ideal.  These zombies tailgate, blow their horns, and generally look exasperated behind the wheel of their stupid lives.  They endanger everyone around them by speeding to get nowhere important, and drive as if their undead lives were of any significance at all.

It is a life sustaining skill to not engage these undead monsters on the road.  They are harmful, and they have already been lost.  They cannot be saved, and they are not worth fighting.  It is best to dodge them, to steer clear when able so they might find fresh brains to nibble, like monkeys with hepatitis coddling rotten figs.

Envision other travelers on the road as zombies, and you shall once more be called "ninja", "survivor", and perhaps even "Twan."

And if you are shopping this month for auto parts coupon codes, be sure to check out Cooter's blog.  I'm not sure if he is a zombie, ninja, or some new form of algal hive mind, blooming in another dimension close enough to our own that we can appreciate his consilience.

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