Are the Mummers of Philadelphia Ninja-like?

I'm pleased to say that I was able to watch my very first Mummers New Years Day parade in the very ninja-worthy city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  For those unfamiliar with the premise of the parade, tens of thousands of regular Philadelphians dress up in Saturnalian outfits usually seen in locations like Carnaval, and parade up Broad Street playing banjos, drums, and dancing.

When one considers the practiced skill, clandestine organization, and workman-like performance of these men in costume, a natural comparison with the ninja must be considered.

The mummers are able to brave the cold weather with only alcohol to warm their stomachs.  They show no fear in the face of camera crews and curious and often perplexed tourists.  The sincerity of their parade mocks bullshit like Disney's daily parades. In this sense they are genuine ninjas, standing for something great and meaningful that is too often held down by the man - human creativity and collective artistry behind masks of courage.

Then again many are perhaps drunken hooligans. But for the most part the mummers are modern-day masters of show.

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