Fusion Fighters

My goodness! I have found a new performance troupe called "Fusion Fighters." They combine elements of tap dance, Irish traditional dancing, music, synthesizers, video editing, ninja garb, swordsmanship, and comedy into a completely insane fusion of pop influences. One can only learn by watching: I am confused, amused, and entertained! I'm not sure how these folks can transition to a profit-generating business mode. It is almost like they wrote down thirty popular themes and musical genres and threw them into a hat, then picked 10, and combined to make a ninja gumbo. I think perhaps the term "simplify" should apply here, as this scrambled egg omelette has just a few too many ingredients. That aside, they do seem sincere in their pursuit of ninja novelty, and from Kilarney to Kinsale, Irish folks will soon know of the Fusion Fighters. Or they may pass into obscurity very quickly as vicious and entertaining fights break out among the members of the band over the artistic direction such insanity should take. Best of luck, Fusion Fighters. Consider nudity, or an epic clash with colcannon-eating zombies in the next video, and you may go viral!

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