Ninjas are being usurped by Cannibals

The ninja has enjoyed a fairly good stretch through out the first part of the 21st century in terms of respect, esteem and cultural cachet.  Zombies posed an existential threat, but could not really be taken seriously since by nature they are plodding, ridiculous, and a dead end apocalyptic figure.  But a new relic has entered the fray and threatens to supplant the ninja in the alter ego zeitgeist.

We are talking about cannibals.

Yes, cannibals are like ninjas in that they are cunning, human, and often with a strong internal moral compass.  They feed on taboo meat, much as the ninja exists in the shadows of the acceptable social order.

It remains to be seen whether cannibals will simply be found disgusting, even for a culture that thrives on pushing the envelope of acceptability ever further.  But when one considers the recent appearance of cannibals as the shocking tribe of end times in the movie "This is the End," one does not need much imagination to extend the metaphor a little further into our own times!

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