Ninjas and Airtex Fuel Pumps

I would just like to say that having installed my first fuel pump replacement on my Dodge Ram, I am certainly feeling like a ninja.  I used an Advance Auto Parts coupon for this Airtex Pump Assembly Kit, and found the whole process was incredibly easy.

No subterfuge from snarky mechanics, no sumo wrestling style nonsense.  I simply believed in my ninja skills, and watched three instructional videos from Advance Auto Parts, and my ninja car mechanic skills took over.

I was dressed all in black, with a large bump in my front pocket.  the fuel pump could not tell if this bump was of biological origin or simply a mechanical tool I might use in my car fixing endeavors, but when the show was over I had applied a coupon successfully and changed an air filter, and skipped my psych meds in one sweeping blitz!

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